What You Need to Know About Life After Braces

Oral Care After BracesKnowing what to expect while you have braces is much different than knowing what to expect after your teeth have served their time and the braces are removed.Here is a look at what you should be doing to keep your mouth clean and healthy during and after braces:

Keeping bacteria from finding a harmful home around brackets and wires is extremely important. With all that extra “equipment” comes extra places for bacteria to linger and cause decay. Taking care of your oral health is important with or without braces, but paying extra attention when you have braces will play a major role in the health of your teeth and gums.

What you need to know about life after braces:

This is when your “metal mouth” turns into a brilliant and beautiful smile. You will be able to bite into a delicious sandwich or burger without the fear of having bread lodged in your brackets, and that is an incredible feeling. The only thing better than not having food constantly stuck in your braces is the feeling you’ll have when you check out your perfectly straight grin in the mirror.

Being able to munch on your favorite foods, without a mouth full of crumb-covered brackets, is just the tip of the iceberg. After you get your braces removed you’ll need to pay close attention to your oral health, so that all that time and effort doesn’t go to waste.

How do wisdom teeth affect your smile?

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed around the age of 20, which is when they start to erupt. Here is why and how they can affect your newly straightened smile once you get your braces off…

Our ancestors had the need for third molars (wisdom teeth) in order to properly chew food, such as meat, nuts, and roots. However, evolution has made wisdom teeth unnecessary because we no longer rely solely on our teeth to break down our meals. We now have the luxury of utensils, such as knives and have the ability to cook our food in ways that makes it easy to chew.

Wisdom teeth can wreak havoc within the mouth if they do not erupt properly. They can be impacted or grow horizontally, which causes the other teeth to shift and move. Anyone who has gone through the “braces” years should be aware that having your wisdom teeth removed will help insure that your newly straightened teeth don’t become crooked again.

Permanent & Removable Retainers

Many people who have braces will require a retainer to make sure their teeth don’t move once they are taken off. This can be something that is attached to back of the teeth permanently or in the form of a mouthpiece that is fitted to the teeth and worn at night.

Oral Care After Braces

Braces are an incredible way to turn a “not so perfect” smile into something to show off to the world. Having straight-beautiful teeth boosts confidence and self-esteem. But, all the time spent with a mouth full of equipment can be destroyed if oral hygiene is neglected. Your time wearing brackets will be worthwhile if you take care of your dental health. Brush your teeth (at least) twice a day, floss (at least) once a day, and make regular dental visits a part of your routine. Contact our office for more information on what to expect after braces.

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