Everything You Wanted to Know About the Different Types of Braces

Straight teeth not only look good, but they are also good for your mouth’s health. Crooked teeth can lead to crowding which can inhibit tooth function and cause jaw misalignment. If not treated, severely crooked teeth may need to be extracted. To straighten crooked teeth, braces are used. There are four kinds of braces patients can choose from. For patients in need of braces, it is suggested they talk with us about which type of braces will most benefit them.

Below are the four types of braces you’ll find at our four offices:


teeth with bracesTraditional, or metal braces are made of high grade stainless steel. These types of braces are the most commonly used and tend to be the least expensive option. Brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and are decorated with colorful ligatures. These ligatures come in a variety of colors and are changed out every 6-8 weeks when the braces get adjusted.

Traditional braces are best for children and are used in severe tooth misalignment and over/under bite problems.


a13fdf72ef209f13dd57f28c68e39de7 Contrary to how it sounds, ceramic braces are made from a clear, transluc
ent material, not a cream or white colored putty. Like behind the teeth and Invisalign type of braces, ceramic braces are popular among adults and teens because of their discreet, cosmetic appearance. Ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional braces, but are not as noticeable.

Behind tooth

braces-behind-your-teethBehind the teeth braces, also called Nano braces, are similar to traditional braces, except these braces are cemented onto the back of your teeth, not the front. These are popular options for teens and adults who want straight teeth, but don’t want the unappealing look of traditional braces.


invisalignInvisalign has become popular the past few years and are popular among our adult and teen patients. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses aligner trays, rather than bonding metal brackets and ligatures to each tooth. These types of braces are good for patients with less severe orthodontic problems. These types of braces are also a good choice for our adult patients because of their discreet appearance. Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic trays that gradually move teeth into their proper position. These trays usually come in pairs and need to be changed out every two weeks. Invisalign patients will be seen by our dentists every 8 weeks to assess and monitor progress. Invisalign is one of the more expensive options and may not be right for everyone. Come and speak to one of our dentists to see if this type of braces is best for your dental needs.

Braces are the most effective way for you to get straight teeth which will give you’re a beautiful smile and help you avoid future dental complications and issues. With four Glauser Williams Orthodontist offices located in Queen Creek, Gilbert, Mesa and Ahwatukee, there is one near you. Visit the closest office to get started on your way to a perfect and healthy smile.

Visit one of our four Arizona locations to find out how braces can help you get a straight, beautiful smile.

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