The Psychology of Smiling and How Straight Teeth Can Help You Smile More Confidently!

Straight white teeth

We smile when we’re happy, satisfied and confident. We like being around people who smile and our days get a little brighter when someone smiles at us as we walk by. We also admire people who have confident smiles.

What can smiling tell us and why are straight teeth more desirable?

The Psychology of Smiling

Smiling has been the subject of much psychological research. The first person to observe smiling and its connection to laughter and happiness was Charles Darwin. One of his findings indicated that smiling is universal. Though smiling is universal, the rules and etiquette around smiling is culture dominated. Southerners, for instance smile more than those up north. East Asians cover their smiles. Here are some other psychological observations concerning smiling:

  • Women smile more than men.
  • Powerful men smile more than less powerful ones.
  • The English smile less than many other groups.
  • Smiling helps bond people together.
  • Smiling has hormonal and physiological consequences which make us feel better and want to smile more. Smiling self-medicates and heals.
  • Smiling in humans can indicate dominance.
  • Psychologists have made many distinctions between genuine vs. fake smiles.

Why Straight Teeth Are Important

The unfortunate truth is that we often judge others by appearance. A Kelton Research study mentions, “whether a person’s smile and teeth are straight or crooked can have significant impact on her or his romantic and career success.” Because of the negative perception of crooked teeth, most people turn to corrective dental wear such as braces, Invisalign, and veneers.

Did you know that straight teeth not only give you more confidence, and makes you look good, but they are also beneficial to your dental health?

Straight teeth provide greater protection against potential dental issues in multiple ways:

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean. Crooked teeth are harder to clean with a toothbrush. They can also be hard for professionals to clean. There are fewer awkward, hard to reach crooks and crannies for germs, bacteria and plaque to grow. This is a good thing as plaque that is not cleaned out can turn into tarter within 24 hours. This can better protect you from cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Straight teeth are also in proper alignment. With teeth being proper alignment, the natural wear and tear of chewing is evenly distributed. This keeps you from dental issues that can arise from certain teeth bear more weight than what is normal. This can also help lessen the negative effects of teeth grinding as in Bruxism.
  • Straight teeth can protect your jaws. Straight and aligned teeth greatly reduce the risk of over-and under-bites. Dental issues such as jaw pain and temporomandular joint disorder (TMJ) arise when the two jaws are not properly aligned. Straight teeth can drastically reduce your risk of jaw and jaw joint disorders which can save you from potential surgery and pain.

Straight teeth are therefore, not only good for your self-image and self-esteem, but they can save you from potential long-term, future dental problems.

At Glauser Williams Orthodontics, we strive to give you the perfect smile with the straightest teeth possible. Whether you’re an adult who is serious about regaining your lost smile or your looking for braces for your child so he or she can have a lifetime of straight teeth, you’ll find the treatment you need to meet your specific dental goals. We work with children, teens and adults with minor to severe dental alignment needs.

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