After wearing orthodontics for months to achieve a stunning smile, you’ll want to protect your results. After we remove your braces, we will begin the retention stage of your treatment. This involves wearing retainers to make sure that your beautiful smile sticks. Retainers will hold the teeth in their new ideal places while your gums, ligaments, and bones stabilize. Teeth tend to want to return to their original places, so it is key to hold them where they belong. When the retention stage is not properly executed, you may have a relapse, which means your teeth will return to their original places and you will need further orthodontic treatment.


We can guide you during the retention stage and help you avoid the need for braces all over again. Doctors Glausser and Williams can recommend to you the type of retainers that will be best for your teeth. We provide custom retainers in a variety of colors, designs, and even glitter! You will wear your retainers full-time until your doctor instructs you otherwise. During the retention stage of your treatment, we will need to see you every 3 to 6 months for a 24-month period. During these visits, your doctor will check your retainers and your teeth, and make any adjustments that are needed. Once you no longer need to wear your retainers full-time, Dr. Glausser or Williams will recommend wearing your retainers only at night.


Remember to remove your retainer before brushing. You should also brush your retainer each time you brush your teeth before returning the retainer to your mouth. Your final orthodontic result depends on you wearing your retainers as often as your dental professional instructs you to.

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