Palatal Expander or Hyrax

palatal expander

Palatal Expander or Hyrax 

A palatal expander or "Hyrax" is a custom fit appliance designed to widen your upper jaw. A wider jaw allows the upper and lower teeth to fit together and function properly as well as to allow for a broader, more attractive smile.

This "fixed" (non-removable) appliance fits in the roof of the mouth and is cemented to the upper posterior (back) teeth.  Most patients will need to wear the palatal expander for a period of four to six months - as directed by your orthodontist. During this time, a screw will need to be turned to slowly expand and widen the upper arch.

There are several benefits to using a palatal expander:

  • Creates space for crowded teeth
  • Corrects a cross-bite of the back-teeth, if one was initially present
  • Improves the width of the smile and its appearance
  • Improves the airway if constriction of the nasal passages are blocking the airflow

For more information on palatal expansion and to find out if this treatment is indicated for your child, please contact our office at (480) 331-9995 to answer your questions or to schedule a consultation.

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