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Discover Why More Adults Seek Orthodontist in Gilbert AZ to Get Braces

Holding a rich history and stories in a small city, the city of Gilbert in Arizona is also proud of its rich enhanced economically diverse suburban center community. As a matter of fact, the city of Gilbert has grown fast from its more than 5 thousand population to over 200,000 populations from its last 2010 census.

Now, it is time to discover that Gilbert AZ is also known for its expert Orthodontist named Glauser Williams Orthodontics. If you want to make sure that you and your family is in good hands, they are the number 1 Orthodontist in Gilbert AZ. Even general dentists can say that they perform putting braces, it is still highly recommended to seek an expert.

Orthodontists are expert in braces which are why more adults are now seeking their service to wear braces. Some adults who seek Orthodontist in Gilbert AZ even admit that they already went through wearing braces when they were still a kid. So, the question now is why some adults still need to wear braces?

  • According to OralB, people usually associate the time of wearing braces in middle school. However, adults wearing braces nowadays are becoming more widespread all over the world. As a matter of fact, 20% of people who are wearing braces right now are composed of adults. Why? Because more options for adults that offer comfort and faster result are now available for adults. See the following reasons below why adults still get braces:
  • Teeth still shift as you grow older. Teeth can always change due to injury, natural growth or a condition called tongue thrust. Hence, some adults with straight teeth during their childhood experience misaligned teeth or crooked teeth. Some adults even experience jaw pains and difficulty on cleaning their teeth. To top it all, they find their smile unattractive.
  • Some adults get braces now because they can’t afford it while they’re growing up. Who knows, braces might not only offer a beautiful smile for decades but also a new career for adults.
  • Your teeth shift with age more often than others. If you already had braces when you were a child there is still a chance that you need it today. Some adult teeth shifts more often compared with other adult teeth. Thus, Orthodontists recommend some adults to have braces again to kee their teeth aligned.
  • Orthodontists have discovered that patients should wear retainers longer than the recommended duration of dentists before. This is to prevent the patients’ teeth from moving from time to time so, some adults are recommended to wear braces again.

In spite of the positive effects of wearing braces, are there pitfalls in it for adults? Braces are tested and proven to be effective for all ages. However, getting a straight smile for adults can take longer compared with kids who wear it. Moreover, most insurance plans don’t include paying braces for patients that are over 18 years old.

Now that you have read through this informative article already, are you ready to visit your Orthodontist in Gilbert AZ? Get an affordable cost of braces from Dr. Glauser and Dr. Williams and wear your best smile after experiencing their service.


Orthodontist Gilbert Az
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