Braces Mesa AZ

Getting Braces in Mesa AZ According to What You Need

Braces? This is the kind of word that invokes different kinds of reaction and emotion to people. How? Well, some people look at braces as annoying wires on their irregular teeth arrangement.

However, some people look at braces as a sign that you are a RK which is the short term for rich kid. This is basically due to the fact that upper class people are the common type of people who can afford braces treatment. Some people might be experiencing being bullied and treated as nerdy weirdoes’ with plus the glasses. But everything is different now. Anyone who needed Braces in Mesa AZ can have it if they need it without experiencing these nasty things.

The old image of wearing braces should e left in the past and be seen now as nothing but the best solution for dental problems. But, in order to get the right treatment you need, check out these types of braces below:

  • Metal braces. A.k.a. the traditional braces, which include wires and brackets that can be seen on most people. But, modern metal braces are now smaller which makes it less obvious than the previews braces. All modern braces now have heat-activated arch wires that use body heat to move teeth faster and less painful. Lastly, this is the most affordable type of braces that children love to pair with colored bands.
  • Ceramic braces. All ceramic braces have the same size and shape of metal braces. However, it uses a transparent or teeth colored brackets that blend well to your teeth. Other ceramic braces even use wires with the same color of their teeth to make it even less visible. Patients enjoy this treatment since it is less noticeable and faster compared with clear plastic aligners.
  • This treatment requires regular changing of setting every 2 weeks with removable aligners. Its series includes 18 – 30 customized clear plastic mouth guard aligners. Since this treatment does not include wearing wire and brackets, it clear plastic aligners gives its patients the opportunity to wear it without being noticed.
  • Lingual braces. Lingual braces and metal braces as almost the same except that it is placed inside the teeth. Its wires and brackets are attached on inside your teeth which make it invisible to anyone’s eyes. However, it is more expensive since it needs regular adjustments and more uncomfortable to use.

In addition, patients can eat or drink anything they want without worrying about their damaging a bracket or wire. However, this is very expensive and not applicable to serious dental problems for children. This is only available for teens and adults and takes longer compared to other braces.

Do you have an idea now on what kind of braces you want to have? Take note that you are not the only one who would decide on this since you have to consult your dentist first. To make sure that you will be in good hands, contact Dr. Glauser and Dr. Williams now. They offer the best treatment Braces in Mesa AZ that you’ll never regret.  


Braces Mesa Az
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