Benefits Of Treatment

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At Glauser-Williams Orthodontics, we don’t just straighten teeth; we build Hollywood smiles and faces. When someone comes in for a consultation, we take digital cephalometric and panoramic X-rays so we can see all underlying structures by comparing hard and soft tissue relations. Digital photographs of the patient’s face and teeth are also taken and immediately displayed so the patient can see what is being discussed and what the findings are. Diagnosis is the key to getting great smiles! Getting the skeletal structures well related is like having a solid foundation to build from.

Creating a well-balanced face, as well as the smile, is what it is all about. We can also modify facial growth and development. The nose, lips and chin need to be in specific relations as well as the teeth.


Offering more than just aesthetic improvements, properly aligned teeth add significantly to overall dental health. Teeth that are not properly aligned are hard to clean and maintain, which can contribute to tooth decay and increased stress on gums and supportive bone. Improper alignment of the teeth can lead to TMJ-a misalignment of the jaw that has a whole host of maladies which accompany it, including chronic headaches, facial pain and/or pain in the muscles of the neck. Dr.’s Glauser and Williams treat every patient as if they have TMJ. They make sure that they get the proper vertical and horizontal relations, anterior guidance, cusped rise and anterior discussion. Doing this eliminates TMJ issues. While orthodontics provide patients with an increase in self-confidence that only a beautiful smile can offer, orthodontics also provides a pre-emptive cure for dental maladies, that if diagnosed and treated at a later age, may wind up costing significantly more money.


Adult Treatment

Orthodontics aren’t just for kids. Adults should be able to get all of the same perks that braces provide, even if they did not get the chance to wear braces when they were younger. Here at Glauser Williams Orthodontics, we serve countless adults by offering a wide variety of orthodontic options. We will create an orthodontic experience that is custom-made for you with choices like metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.


It’s not too late to start benefiting from the smile of your dreams. The advantages of having a new and improved smile include all of the following and more:

Enhanced Appearance | You’ll be amazed at how much a beautiful smile will change the way you look. The newfound confidence that straight teeth can give you can lead to more opportunities and a happier life.

Protect Your Teeth and Gums | If you have crooked teeth and a bad bite, you may experience abnormal tooth decay, tooth enamel wear, and destruction of the gums.

Avoid Bone Loss | Teeth that are not corrected can contribute to the loss of bone over time. This can severely affect your appearance and make it more difficult to chew and speak normally.

Escape TMJ Disorder | TMJ disorder causes all kinds of symptoms like headaches, migraines, jaw locking, buzzing in the ears, and muscle pain.

When you correct and contour your teeth, you can avoid all of these potential issues and enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting smile.


In the past, braces weren’t always convenient for adults. Here at Glauser-Williams Orthodontics, we provide options that will make braces fit seamlessly into your busy life. Our varied options will give you advantages such as:

Fewer Visits | We know that you don’t have time to stop by the orthodontist’s office every week. You may only have to visit us as little as once every six weeks.

Shortened Treatment | Many of our patients only need braces for a year or less to achieve their perfect smiles.

Undetectable Braces | You don’t need to sacrifice your appearance for braces. We provide clear options that no one around you will notice.

Superior Comfort | We want you to forget that you are wearing orthodontics. You shouldn’t have to constantly be bothered by braces.

Simplified Care | There’s no more need for complex care routines with our orthodontic options. We make caring for your teeth just as easy as it was before braces.


Generally, children will benefit most from orthodontics if they are seen by age seven. Permanent incisors and molars have often come in by that age, and trends towards crowding and other issues can generally be assessed at that time. By maximizing the effects of orthodontics, early treatment allows the orthodontist to guide incoming teeth, and regulate growth of the jaw, thereby reducing chances of impacted teeth, which may later lead to permanent tooth extractions.

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