Cervical Pull and High Pull Headgear can correct the following orthodontic issues:


Overbite in Children When children have an excessive horizontal overbite, Cervical Pull or High Pull Headgear can hold back the growth of the upper jaw and mitigate the issue.

Adults Post-Extraction After a tooth extraction, teeth may move and cause problems with spacing. This can lead to a bad bite. Cervical Pull and High Pull Headgear will hold the proper bite in place.

Cervical Pull Headgear works with a U-shaped wire that is secured on the bands on the back teeth. The strap is worn behind the neck. High Pull Headgear has the same U-shaped wire that is secured to the back bands, but its strap goes both behind and over the head. Dr. Glauser or Dr. Williams can instruct you on how to wear these appliances (around 12-14 hours each day) to improve your bite.

You can only get this impressive complement to orthodontics from your dental professional. Call in to Glauser-Williams Orthodontics today, so that we can talk about cutting down your time with braces.


The Bluegrass Appliance is made for children under 6 years of age that are prone to finger or thumb sucking.

This appliance has a ‘roller’ that prevents the finger or thumb from resting against the palate, or the roof of the mouth and is worn until the habit has stopped.


Habits like pushing the teeth with the tongue, swallow patterns, or finger sucking can lead to crooked teeth, a bad bite, and other problems. A Tongue Crib can help to resolve all of these habits. A Tongue Crib is a fixed orthodontic appliance that is placed behind the upper front teeth. It is worn for four to six months.


The Nance is a fixed (non-removable) appliance that is cemented to the upper first molars connected by a wire containing a piece of acrylic (plastic) in the center of the wire, which fits against the roof of the mouth.

The Nance acts as a space maintainer to keep the molars from drifting forward and to prevent them from blocking the space where the permanent teeth will eventually erupt. It can also be used to slightly expand or rotate the upper molars.


A Lower Lingual Holding Arch, or LLHA, is a space maintainer that will reserve plenty of space for adult teeth to grow in after the last baby tooth is lost. This fixed appliance is cemented to the lower molars and connected by a wire that is placed on the inside of the bottom teeth. Our LLHA appliances will prevent the molars from drifting forward and blocking permanent teeth from coming in.


A palatal expander or “Hyrax” is a custom fit appliance designed to widen your upper jaw. A wider jaw allows the upper and lower teeth to fit together and function properly as well as to allow for a broader, more attractive smile.

This “fixed” (non-removable) appliance fits in the roof of the mouth and is cemented to the upper posterior (back) teeth. Most patients will need to wear the palatal expander for a period of four to six months – as directed by your orthodontist. During this time, a screw will need to be turned to slowly expand and widen the upper arch.

There are several benefits to using a palatal expander:

  • Creates space for crowded teeth
  • Corrects a cross-bite of the back-teeth, if one was initially present
  • Improves the width of the smile and its appearance
  • Improves the airway if constriction of the nasal passages are blocking the airflow

For more information on palatal expansion and to find out if this treatment is indicated for your child, please contact our office at (480) 372-8653 to answer your questions or to schedule a consultation.


A bonded retainer consists of a braided wire that is glued to the backside of the lower anterior teeth. It is used in place of a removable retainer and is placed following the removal of one’s braces. They are popular because one does not have to remember to put a retainer in the mouth.


The removable Hawley Retainer can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Maintains the straight smile achieved with braces
  • Closes space after use of palatal expander
  • Maintains expansion after use of palatal expander

The Hawley Retainer consists of an acrylic that sits at the roof of a mouth and a wire that runs across the front teeth. You can even choose your favorite color or place an image in the acrylic. The retainer will maintain all of your treatment results and keep your smile beautiful and functional.


Rubber bands are a crucial part of moving your teeth into their perfect positions. Doctors Glauser and Williams will give you the bands to attach to the hooks that are a part of your brackets. They will instruct you on how to wear the bands for the best results. For a more subtle look, we offer tooth-colored rubber bands. For a more creative experience, we offer a wide variety of colors.


A Bionator is a removable appliance that promotes lower jaw growth in order to correct an overbite. It is used during the beginning phases of orthodontic treatment. Because it impacts the way the bone grows, it is worn while a patient is young and his or her bones are still growing.


Forsus Springs are held by tubes that are placed on the upper molars and are attached to the lower archwire. These springs will move your teeth in the same way that rubber bands do. They work wonders in cases where the upper teeth jut too far beyond the lower teeth and do not fit them properly. Unlike rubber bands, Forsus Springs are not removable fixtures. Dr. Glauser or Dr. Williams will place your Forsus Springs for you.


If you have a deep overbite, which means your upper teeth excessively overlap your lower teeth, the Biteplane appliance can reduce the problem. The Biteplane is made up of wire and acrylic, and should be worn all of the time. It can either be permanent or removable, depending on what is best for your unique situation. The Biteplane appliance will prevent you from biting all the way down on your back teeth, which will promote a reduction in the overlap of the front teeth as new teeth erupt.

All of these oral devices can permanently change your smile for the better. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to learn more about what our appliances can do for you.

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