5 Worst Halloween Candies for Those Who Have Braces

5-worst-hallowe_172_d36233d23c41e74f05553ff4ef117b1cee1c2abeTrick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something that won’t damage my orthodontic treatment. Now that is a “rhyme?” that we can sink our teeth into. Halloween is a dangerous time for those who are navigating the world of braces. One wrong bite into a tasty treat can cause damage to your braces and prolong your treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of the candy that this holiday brings.

Here are some tips for the ghouls, witches, monsters, and superheroes going door to door on All Hallows Eve, collecting delicious treats, but being mindful of how this night of spookiness can affect their braces.

Here are 5 of the worst Halloween candies for kids with braces:

1- Blow Pops

Although delicious, these are the number one culprits of popping off brackets. Although they are suckers, so technically you should savor their flavor by “sucking” on them, inevitable the urge to bite into them wins. The hard-outer shell is a brackets enemy. But wait! There’s more… the bubble gum center is a sticky, chewy, recipe for disaster.

2- Candy/Caramel Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Right? Not when that “granny smith” is covered in sticky caramel or has a hard candy coating. These fruity snacks will most certainly cause a trip to the doctor. In this case, our office. The stickiness of the caramel is kryptonite to braces, so is the hard-candy shell. As tempting as this delicious treat may be, you must avoid them to keep your braces in working order.

3- Gummy Bears

Just look at those chubby-little cheeks, how can a tiny-tasty bear do you harm? Well, the sticky gumminess and sugary joy can break off brackets and bend wires. These little morsels are on the list for a good reason, so keep them off your “to munch on” list this Halloween.

4- Jolly Ranchers

More like Not-So-Jolly Ranchers. This sugary treat gives Blow Pops a run for their money when it comes to wreaking havoc on braces. Chewing on this hard candy will most certainly be a problem when it comes to breaking brackets and bending wires. You may have the best of intentions not to chew on these, but then… oops, there goes a bracket.

5- Laffy Taffy

Once again the sticky, gooey, chewy deliciousness threatens to undo the hard work of orthodontics. Even though this candy is soft (and often a source of hilarity), it has a way of latching itself onto your brackets and wires. “Jokes on you” when you bite into these fruity candies, so steer clear.

We are not saying that these treats are not 100% scrumptious, they just happen to be orthodontic enemies, so choose wisely this Halloween. Steer clear of the gooey, the sticky, and the chewy. But if you do find yourself in a braces emergency, contact our office and we’ll have the problem fixed in no time. We want to help you get the straight smile you've always dreamed of, in the fastest amount of time, so don’t let these candy culprits prolong your treatment during this night of fright.

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